NUS Sustainability Survey

Earlier this year Green Schools Project and the NUS teamed up to produce a new piece of research looking at Secondary school pupils attitudes to Sustainability. The full report makes for interesting reading, I blogged about it over on the Green Schools Project website…. here’s the intro:

The report acknowledges this limitation:

‘It is likely that those schools that did respond [to the survey questionnaire] are those at the more engaged end of the spectrum when it comes to environmental sustainability often with specific staff members with a responsibility for the issue within the school or college who were able to drive participation in the research within the school.’ (There were 2,990 respondents, aged 9 – 18, mostly state educated)

The results are therefore interesting when the nature of the sample is taken into account – they are the views of pupils in schools that are engaged in environmental education already so we’d hope that they are having a greater than average environmental education experience.

So, with that context, 56% seems quite low for this (esp. the figures for ‘learnt lots’)…. and as the report says 42% saying that they have learnt only a little, hardly anything or nothing is high…. read more.