This is what a neglect of Environmental Education does to a country

You’ll have seen the Environment Agency press release this morning I’m sure. 

This first half of this paragraph doesn’t half show what a marginalisation of Environmental Education by successive Education Ministers does to a country:

Over 5 million people in England are at risk from flooding and coastal erosion. Yet only a third of people who live in areas at risk of flooding believe their property is at risk. The strategy pledges to build a nation of ‘climate champions’ working with the school curriculum to educate young people about the risk and continuing to develop accessible digital tools to communicate flooding.

The widespread wilful ignorance on the climate and ecological crisis at the heart of Government never ceases to amaze me.

Hats off to the Environment Agency for making clear that they are preparing for 4C of warming. They’re quite possibly the only official body who are applying the precautionary principle.

It’ll be interesting to see what shape the EA’s effort to create a nation of ‘climate champions’ takes. 

The full report / strategy is published at 11am today.