Hyper-Capitalism by Kasser and Gonick

Very much looking forward to reading 'Hyper-Capitalism' by Tim Kasser and Larry Gonick. Using cartoons they explore 'the modern economy, its values and how to change them.' 

It is so refreshing to see an academic writer using this format to cover a difficult subject. I'll blog again on it once I've read it. But here is a quick flick through to show what to expect.

A flick through Hyper-Capitalism by Tim Kasser and Larry Gonick. Published 2018 by Scribe.

Here's what Common Cause Foundation had to say about this book in their latest newsletter:

'Hyper-capitalism' is the new book from long-time Common Cause collaborator and supporter, Prof. Tim Kasser, together with cartoonist Larry Gonick. Drawing on contemporary research, they explore and illustrate the modern economy, it's values, and how to change them.

This smart - and at points hilarious - work will interest many people concerned with social justice, the wellbeing of humans and the natural world. And, amidst the #AdEnough campaign in the UK challenging commercialisation of our children's appetites, seems very timely.

‘This book explains much about how the world works, and why it increasingly doesn’t. Read it soon, before we lose any more ice caps.’ Bill McKibben

I found my copy of the book on eBay for a reasonable price, it is also available from all the usual places. Here's what publishers' Scribe have to say

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