Teaching the difference between left and right

I was 31 when I first saw this infographic, what struck me was that I had gone through my entire school and university education without ever examining the differences between the politics of the left and right. Definitely not in any formal way. I wish someone had shown me this. It would certainly provided some context to my Economics A-Level. 

Policy and the political spectrum have barely been discussed in this year's US Presidential race. The debate has been almost exclusively focused on personality. But, beneath the public persona of Trump and Clinton are some distinct political positions, some of which have not reached the mainstream of US politics for a very long time. This sort of infographic can help young people work out what they are voting for.

Left v Right is by David McCandless and Stefanie Posavec, you can find it on the brilliant Information is beautiful site. You can also find some other fascinating delights, I love this breakdown of the truth in 'based on a true story' Hollywood films!

Morgan Phillips