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Michael Sheen's Hay Speech

Michael Sheen's Hay Lecture 2017

Two days before the 2017 General Election I set up a petition on the 38 Degrees platform. The 350 or so people who signed it were calling on Channel 4 to screen Michael Sheen's speech at the 2017 Hay Literature Festival; the Aneurin Bevan lecture. 

This led to a Facebook page, where I am now coordinating a discussion about the issues Michael raises in his lecture. This is an education project focusses on social justice, values, politics and history.

I will update on progress via my blog. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch

Click the image to visit the Hay player and watch the speech in full:

To join the discussion please head over to the Facebook page

NB: This project is in no way affiliated to the Hay Festival or Michael Sheen himself.